Powerhouse Drama Camp

Dionna as “Minnie” the Clown

Synapsis Union Scholarship

The arts are essential to a vibrant culture, a thriving economy, and a creative society. 

Unfortunately, there’s often a lack of support for people of the global majority (PGM) Global majority students in arts programming are discouraged from pursuing their passions as a result. Many global majorities of students face particular challenges when pursuing the arts due to a lack of mentorship and financial resources. 

This scholarship seeks to support students of the global majority so they can find inspiration, and liberation through theater.

Submission options:

Write a 300-word essay on how Powerhouse Drama Camp may support your summer creativity OR submit a 5-minute video demonstrating a creative activity of your choice.

Be sure to introduce yourself!

E-mail deliver to: powerhouseartsconsulting@gmail.com

Instructions for Registration:

STEP ONE: Please complete pages 1-3 only of the registration packet. You will sign the last two pages on the first day of camp.

STEP TWO: Upload and send to powerhouseartsconsulting@gmail.com or mail with to P.O. Box 7271 Eureka, CA 95502.

STEP THREE: Submit an electronic payment below or mail a money order or cashier’s check to P.O. Box 7271 Eureka, CA 95502.

For more information call or text 415-413-8489

Dionna Ndlovu, Camp Director

I’m an arts education advocate and educator. I believe that the arts are not only fun but are healing and necessary for growth and change in our communities. Our youth need the arts right now more than ever! They are dealing with isolation, social-emotional challenges, and navigating psychological development. Theater Arts has changed every single waking moment of my childhood so I understand the power of the arts then and now. Today I am giving back to the next generation.